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Bears Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Services offers installation and maintenance of top-of-the-line systems in ducted air conditioning. As an ActronAir Platinum Dealer, ActronAir is our brand of choice for air conditioners. Australian homes typically have large, individual living areas requiring multiple air conditioned zones. You can achieve all year-round climate-controlled comfort at home by installing a correctly engineered and designed ducted reverse cycle air conditioning system.  In just the touch of a button, you and your family can get the best of that much-deserved comfort. We can also supply and install any customer preferred brand of choice.

Our skilled team of Technicians and Contractors can install your ducted system in nearly all new and existing homes and offices. We will always finish the job in a timely and efficient manner without compromising quality. Our team of Qualified Technicians and Contractors has a high level of workmanship and professionalism to deliver you no less than an excellent service. We do not cut corners, and you can expect us to install your air conditioning system to perfection. We work on the principle of QUALITY NOT QUANTITY.


Your air conditioning system comprises of two major components, a compressor unit located outside the property and an indoor unit that is installed in the ceiling or under the floor. The indoor unit has flexible ductwork responsible for distributing cool or warm air throughout your home. Vents are installed in strategic locations throughout your home to allow equal distribution of cool or warm air. ActronAir Ducted air conditioning systems can be designed to work in up to 8 zones. This means you can air condition only the areas being used. This way, you can significantly save money on energy consumption. ActronAir now also offer the Connect module to give you more control of your ducted system than ever before. Ask us how or go to www.actronair.com.au.

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4 x ActronAir ESP Plus units installed recently &
ActronAir Connect Module

The ActronAir range of ducted air conditioning systems included the following:

Actron Air Classic.fw Actron Air esp and ultima.fw Actron Air Esp Platinum

Actron Air Conditioner

Choosing a new air conditioner IS NOT a decision to be taken lightly. Things like effectiveness and running costs have to be carefully considered.

Bears Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Services always offer you the best system for your application. ActronAir’s Energy Smart Performance™ incorporates the latest in Digital Scroll technology to deliver improved energy efficiency and cost savings. Delivering faster heating and cooling while using just the right amount of power needed, this is far beyond the performance of Conventional Inverter systems that have to “step and rest, and take considerably longer to reach maximum capacity.

But what’s even smarter about the ActronAir performance is how it maintains the temperature you choose once it has been reached. Other air conditioning systems generally overshoot a target temperature and then switch off, letting the temperature rise or fall. When the temperature changes, the system restarts only to have to repeat the cycle all over again – resulting in large temperature swings. Engineered to deliver the optimum balance in temperature stability, both the ESP Series and ESP Platinum Series units reach an ideal comfort level quickly and maintains it intuitively. In fact, precise temperature of within ±0.3° of the set point can be achieved at the sensor  location or locations.

Digital Scroll technology is a variable capacity system that can instantly adjust the heating and cooling output anywhere within its 10-100% capacity range. (Conventional Inverters will only operate down to 40-50% capacity, resulting in greater temperature fluctuations and more energy use). Most Inverters use step, rest and stop cycles during the heating cycle, leading to larger temperature fluctuations and much higher energy usage. Digital Scroll technology delivers the ideal amount of heating and cooling in your home or office while offering incomparable temperature control – a feature that not only maintains better comfort levels, but can also reduce energy costs at the same time.

In addition to this, the ESP Plus and Ultima systems can vary the air flow to achieve accurate temperature control without the use of a “Dump Zone.

With a correctly designed system running on only the master bedroom for example the system will slow itself down to as low as 20% of its total air volume and 10% of its total cooling capacity for TRUE ENERGY SAVINGS.

We can correctly design and engineer a system that suits your home or office to give you the comfort levels that you deserve.



Bears Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Services provides customers 24/7 Breakdown and repair service.

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